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Sand-making Tower Project of Huaxin Cement (Qu County) Co., Ltd.


Project name: Sand-making Tower Project of Huaxin Cement (Qu County) Co., Ltd.

Location: Qu County, Dazhou, Sichuan

Type of ore: 0-31.5mm, limestone

Equipment: 2 sets of MSP180 sand-making towers (each set includes 1 set of VS impact crusher, 1 set of VSD double chamber impact crusher, 2 sets of HFS hydraulic high-frequency screens and 1 set of air-screening system)  


There are four models of NMS MSP sand-making tower for selection. The sand-making tower adopts single design, which integrates double chamber vertical shaft high-efficiency crusher, hydraulic high-frequency screen and integrated powder separator. It is composed of modules like sand-making, screening & powder-separating, dust removal, steel structure and intelligent control.


double chamber & rotor for making sand, high sand-forming rate; crushing for sand-making and aggregates shaping are completed at one time; uniform finished products size, long rotor life.

Screening & powder-separating: integrated screening and air separation, large internal space, flying full, and high separation efficiency; gradation and fineness modulus and stone powder content can be flexibly adjusted by distributor and fine sand recycling; intelligent control for air volume and wind speed to ensure product quality.

Dust removal: centralized dust collection, good sealing and low noise; the system is closed and operated under negative pressure, and the dust emission concentration meets the national standard; Independent collection of stone powder and bulk loading of materials to improve resource utilization.

Steel structure: modular design, high strength for bolt connection, fast installation on site; optimized layout and the reasonable space utilization; equipped with hoister, easy for maintenance.

Intelligent control: DCS control system to realize centralized control for all equipment; intelligent control for equipment and product quality; online real-time monitoring, with failure self-check and alarm function.

Design innovation:

Different from the common sand-making tower in the market at present, NMS MSP sand-making tower places the high-frequency screen above the crusher. The unique vibration design of high-frequency screen has little impact on installation components, which can reduce the amount of supporting steel structure of sand-making tower and the cost.

The screen frame does not vibrate and is easier to seal. The powder separator and the groove under the screen are designed as a whole. In a fully enclosed environment, the negative pressure air flow of dust collector can complete screening and powder separation at the same time, which is green and eco-friendly.

Operation process:

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