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NFS flip-flow screen

NFS series flip-flow screen has completely changed the non-motion characteristics of screen surface of traditional vibration screen. When the vibration intensity of the screen box is 3~4g, the vibration intensity offlip-flow screen surface reaches 30~50g. It has good screening effect for sticky and wet materials that are difficult to screen.

◆ the screen surface has extremely high vibration intensity, which is conducive to the scattering and screening of materials and solves the problem of material agglomeration;

◆ the screen is made of polyurethane, which has a very high opening rate and service life;

◆ when the screen is tensioned and relaxed, the hole will be deformed to a certain extent, so that the materials bonded to the screen are easy to fall off, so as to realize the self-cleaning and avoid the binding and blocking of materials to the screen;

◆ low energy consumption, small impact on foundation, small amplitude of equipment and high reliability;

◆ the main vibration frame is circular, and the floating frame is elliptical with the long axis parallel to the screen surface, which has a large processing capacity, is more conducive to the screening of materials, and the track of floating frame is stable with high reliability;

◆ U-shaped screen surface design is conducive to protecting the side plate;


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