Brand Culture

Adhering to the business philosophy of “professional leading and integrity first”, NMS has grown into a world-leading manufacturer of high-end crushing and screening equipment system and an operator of the whole industrial chain of general contracting for mine processing, with customers all over industries including mining, hydropower, nuclear power, stone, cement and building materials domestically and internationally.

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The logo design is based on the abbreviation of Nanchang Mineral Systems ( NMS) , and combines its product characteristics and industry characteristics as the design point. The logo is composed of NMS and three abstract graphics. The three letters of NMS represent the Nanchang Mineral Systems enterprise itself. Conducive to the promotion and memory of brand identity
The three abstract graphics are abstracted from the image of the mine, which is a good representation of the characteristics of the mining industry where the Nanchang Mineral Systems is located. In terms of abstract graphics, the black part represents the mine, the red part represents the Nanchang Mineral Systems, and the golden part It represents a gold mine, and it means that any ore can find its shiny and valuable part under the action of the products of the Nanchang Mineral Systems, and it also means the ability of the Nanchang Mineral Systems to "turn stones into gold"

The overall line of the logo is stiff, concise and clear, and is in line with the characteristics of the machinery industry. The graphics are combined with the virtual and the real, giving people a certain imagination space, and the color matching is also good, which is in line with the modern international aesthetic development trend.


Quality benchmark of industry
Model of happiness enterprise
International well-known brand

Core value

Honest、 Professional、 Creative、 Passionate
Thankful 、Responsible、 Transparent 、 Cooperative


Create leading technology, make excellent products and enhance efficient services. Innovative for excellence, and committed to health, environmental protection, sustainable development and maximum value of resources in mining industry to achieve customers and benefit mankind.

Business philosophy

Leading brand of domestic crushing & screening equipment and solutions


Superior quality meets high requirements